Leadership Traits

Insights for Today Pathway to the Future

paperbackbookstanding_849x1126 (3)Leadership Traits Insights for Today Pathway to the Future 

By Pris Nelson & Ed Cohen

FINALLY, an up to date, full color GLOBAL REPORT with GAME CHANGING information for those who need to understand behavioral similarities and differences around the world and across generations. The research is comprised of responses from 2,800 business professionals from 122 countries who responded to questions about the behaviors they think leaders need to demonstrate to be successful today and in the future.  The report is enriched by narratives from a cast of future and current global leaders who offer their thoughts and advice on leadership behaviors for success in the new global paradigm.  The report contains comparisons across generations and regions of the world along with deeper dive analyses into 13 specific countries.  The focus on place of birth reveals key indicators that make an impact on leaders and followers alike; invaluable for those engaged in managing global teams or leading across generations, relocating to another country, marketing and business development, executive talent management and human resources.

Traits referenced in the book came from Twenty Attributes from “Characteristics of an Admired Leader (CAL) from The Leadership Challenge Workshop Deluxe Facilitator’s Guide Set, 4th Edition Revised by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner; Copyright © 2012; reused with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 

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