Novo Nordisk ranked #12 in the WORLD for Learning by Training Magazine

We proudly congratulate our client, Novo Nordisk for their unprecedented leap in the 2015 Training Top 125 rankings.   No other company in the 16 year history of the annual ranking has leaped up 113 spots in one year.  How did they do it?  They called us to help them!  And we are sure glad they did. Western Union, also a Nelson Cohen client, flew up the ranks from their debut last year at #110 to #55 in the 2015 Training Top 125.  Congratulations to them for all their world class efforts.  We also helped Farmers Insurance on their journey from #59 to number 1 and today they are in the Training Hall of Fame. Contact us to see how we can help you build and implement a world-class, top ranked learning... read more

Your Career – Blog dedicated to Career Development for Senior Learning Leaders

Check out Ed Cohen’s blog at Chief Learning Officer magazine’s site. The Looming Leadership Gap The silver tsunami is about to make landfall. Are you and your employees ready to take up the leadership duties? Leading with Strategic Thinking Use the right kind of leadership at the right time. That might mean putting aside your learning mindset and adopting a more business-focused view. Bill Rasmussen: Develop Yourself By Asking Questions Take it from ESPN’s founder: Asking questions is a great way to develop yourself, as well as your projects. Tips for Maximizing Conference Season Just in time for our Spring Symposium, blogger Ed Cohen has some details on making the most of this year’s learning leader summits. CLO: Change Leader of an Organization True CLOs have the superpowers needed to ease the pain of change. Add Sleep To Your Development Plan Are you getting enough sleep? Blogger Ed Cohen writes that hitting the snooze button won’t hurt your career but actually help it. Keep Track of Your Time Managing your most precious resource means documenting and distributing it. Blogger Ed Cohen explains his process. MOOC Your Way to Better Self Development When assessing massive open online courses for your employees, don’t forget about your own development. Blogger Ed Cohen shares five recommendations. The Accidental CLO Becoming an effective CLO often means turning adversaries into mentors. Class is in Session for “Your Career” Chief Learning Officer’s newest blog looks ahead at how learning leaders can develop themselves, not just the employees in their organizations.... read more

Complexities of People Leadership in an Improving Economy

Much is being said about the improvement in the economy. Unemployment is coming down, interest rates are stable, much fewer layoffs, the housing market stabilized and the list goes on. As the economy does shift, we are also facing some additional influences. 10,000 people every day in the US alone are turning 65. This will continue for another 20 years before it begins to decline. This adds up to more retirements than ever in the history of business. On the other side of the equation, the number of people graduating from college continues to dramatically decline. With this as a backdrop, here are five tips for leaders: Take care of your people. There are still people suffering many challenges. People are still unemployed and even more under employed. Leaders should keep this in mind as they continue to feel pressure to do more with less. Now is a critical time to enhance and grow relationships with the people who work with you. The economy may be improving but your company might not. Your company may experience a lag between the end of the recession and when that impact is actually felt at the ground level of business. Leaders need to remind their people that they need to continue to retool themselves and for organizations to innovate. Some of our greatest innovations happened during economic slowdowns. An improving economy means your turnover is going to JUMP UP, that is if it hasn’t already. More jobs means more movement. Professionals who do not feel taken care of during the recession are going to be leaving in large numbers unless you put... read more


 PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY  Leadership Traits Insights for Today, Pathway to the Future The Global Report By Priscilla Nelson & Ed Cohen Leadership Traits Insights for Today, Pathway to the Future helps leaders around the world, learning and leadership development professionals; and, coaches and career advisors, to understand leadership similarities and differences globally and across generations. This information about global leadership traits is game-changing for leadership development, assessment formulation, succession planning, global assignments, team building and recruitment. The research, sponsored by CoachLogix, Cognician, Concensus, eLearning Mind, Executive Core, and Herrmann International is comprised of responses from 2800 business professionals from 122 countries who responded to the Traits of Most Admired Leaders survey with questions about the traits they think leaders need to demonstrate to be successful today and in the future. The focus on place of birth versus place of residence reveals key indicators that make an impact on leaders and followers alike, which is invaluable whether you are engaged in executive talent management, managing global teams, relocating to another country, or leading across generations. Endorsed by ACEC (Association of Corporate Executive Coaches) Check out the featured article that provides an executive summary of the study in the May issue of ATD’s T & D Magazine  Read More about the... read more

Seeking the TRAITS of Most Admired Leaders

Everyone is a recipient of leadership so we want to hear from EVERYONE. 1,300 business professionals from 100 countries have already completed the survey.  We want to hear from you too! Help us discover if business people in different parts of the world and from different generations admire different traits in the leaders they work with. Tell us what you admire most in business leaders you work with.  Click to complete: Admired Traits We will publish the results to everyone who participates. Having observed leaders in more than 60 countries, we’ve concluded that many, if not all people leadership competencies and behaviors are consistent. That said, enhanced complexities, demonstration, and prioritization of people leadership competencies and behaviors exemplify the quintessence of global people leadership. But what about traits of leaders and especially the most admired traits? Are they the same throughout the world? Are they they same for every generation? PLEASE complete a short survey to tell us what you admire most in leaders: Click to complete: Admired Traits The traits list came from The Leadership Challenge workshop. The workshop supports The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations Fifth Edition by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z.... read more


We have had the pleasure of engaging Nelson Cohen Consulting for many years. They consistently provide valuable and thought provoking leadership development for my team. My management team was intellectually enriched and we saw within a short period, a transformative leadership style emanating from our leaders.

Mukesh Aghi

CEO, Larson & Toubro Infotech

I have always been impressed with their ability to step into any situation or challenge and immediately engage – building relationships, providing leadership and achieving solid results. Pris and Ed are models and mentors who see potential in others that they may not yet see in themselves.
Ann Herrmann

CEO, Herrmann International

I have had the pleasure of working with Pris Nelson for many years. She is a values driven, results oriented coach and consultant who aligns to her clients’ goals, helping them achieve incredible results. Driven professionals who are looking for an internationally seasoned coach and consultant who wants to help her clients succeed will benefit from working with Pris.

Joshua Craver

VP Talent Management, Western Union

Pris coached me through a period of tremendous change and significant personal growth. She is a passionate, high energy leader who truly cares about people, and a phenomenal coach and mentor.
Vivek Ghai

SCP, Indigene Lifesystems Pvt. Ltd.

Executive Coaching

Choosing a coach is a very important decision. All of our coaches have “been there done that”. Having held senior level roles in global organizations they understand the challenges leaders have as they transition throughout their careers and navigate through the complexities of significant changes.

Leader Development

Are your leaders prepared to influence change and guide your organization in today’s ever-changing business environment? When Leadership Matters Most we’re here to help throughout the journey.

Best Team Ever

  We are the BEST, award-winning, team building facilitators that exist! We are able to diagnose your team and then rapidly take your team on the journey from where it is to a relationship centered high performing team.  

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