We are delighted to have been asked to launch a blog on the Corporate University Exchange site. Who are we? Priscilla Nelson is a talent management executive with more than 30 years of experience who has consulted with and coached leaders in organizations around the world. Ed Cohen is a talent executive who also has more than 30 years experience and led both Booz Allen and Satyam Computer Services to the top of the ranks in learning and development. Together, we are Nelson Cohen Global Consulting, specializing in leadership strategies, development and coaching.

With all the other blogs out there, and there certainly are many, we decided the theme for ours will be: When leadership matters most, how prepared are your leaders to influence change and guide your organization in today’s ever-changing business environment? We will view this from the lens of leading through learning. What do we mean by leading through learning? Simply put leading through learning is the simultaneous opportunity for leaders to learn, lead, and teach as they grow throughout their careers. Leading through learning can happen anywhere. Formally it happens in the classroom (although we are seeing less and less of this) with webinars, coaching, and through conferences. Informally, it happens through the simultaneous learning, doing and coachable moments that take place as leadership is happening. To this end, social media is highly influencing the evolutionary opportunities for leaders to lead through learning, along with a major emphasis on relationships and collaboration.

We will present our views, share the views of others, and bring you the thoughts of practicing leadership development professionals and the leaders that are influenced by these opportunities. We also invite you to actively participate by sending us questions about and examples of leading through learning. Let the journey begin!

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