We have been facilitating The Leadership Challenge (Kouzes and Posner) workshops for many of our clients in India and the U.S. Participants from all over the world, participate in a 360 feedback and workshop with very profound and highly impactful results.

The Leadership Challenge is about how leaders mobilize others to want to get extraordinary things done. It’s about the practice leaders use to transform values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations, separateness into solidarity, and risks into rewards. It’s about a climate in which people turn challenging opportunities into remarkable successes.

Participants complete a 360 assessment to measure leadership behaviors in five key practices

  1. Modeling the Way
  2. Inspiring a Shared Vision
  3. Challenging the Process
  4. Enabling Others to Act
  5. Encouraging the Heart

Organizations all over the world have benefited from this proven, research-based leadership development model.

A 2005 survey of 94 large companies discovered that those consistently applying the transformational leadership practices of The Leadership Challenge® over the previous 10 years achieved:

  • Average stock price growth of 204%
  • Net income growth of 841%

Nelson Cohen Global Consulting is an authorized partner for The Leadership Challenge. Ed Cohen has been conducting Leadership Challenge assessments and workshops for more than 12 years; Priscilla Nelson has been conducting 360 assessment and workshops for more than 20 years.

All leaders regardless of their experience benefit from the extensive feedback they receive. The messages are clear and easy to align to individual developmental plans. Executive coaching supports each leader’s ability to grow.

For more information write to us info@nelsoncohen.com