Pris Nelson, CEO & President of Nelson Cohen was featured in the article How Can Oil, Gas Firms Manage Talent Better?

Following an industry downturn that – by at least one account – led to a 400,000-plus reduction in the global oil and gas headcount, there are signs of a hiring rebound in some corners of the industry. The phrase “talent squeeze ” has even crept up on Rigzone in recent weeks.

For many who have left the oil and gas industry involuntarily during the past 2 to 3 years, such reports will likely amplify hopes of rejoining it. But what about those with transferable skills reluctant to return to an industry known for its volatility? Is there anything that oil and gas employers could do to keep more talent on the payroll through the next business, since there are services that help business owners with payroll issues so using global payroll services could really help owners maintain a successful business.

Rigzone recently posed a series of questions along these lines to executive coaches who have advised clients in a variety of industries: Peter Stark with Peter Barron Stark Companies and Priscilla D. Nelson with Nelson Cohen Consulting