Has Learning & Development fallen behind the Times?

Having just returned from the 2014 Fall CLO Symposium, we were struck by some of the conversation around how learning and development has fallen behind the times.

There were plenty of sessions on Mobile Learning which we expected and plenty of sessions of leadership and succession planning, a necessary topic with all the upcoming baby boomer retirements (21M of them over the next 15 years).

So what’s missing?  We think its time to move away from classical instructor-led learning.

Instructor led sessions should be replaced with blended learning that includes bringing people together strategically to synergize, innovate and build relationships. These sessions do not need to be instructor-led, rather they should be facilitator-led to bring about high value dialogues among the people attending.  Mobile learning, games, sims, virtual all have their place…AND we cannot underestimate the value of face to face relationships in a world where technology dominates.

As a CLO Coach, Ed Cohen helps organizations gain traction and momentum as to garner senior leader support, build innovative learning and leadership strategies and position learning as a strategic anchor.  

Ed has led 2 companies to the top in world for learning and development and has helped many more to achieve their goal of gaining a “seat at the table” as they achieve measurable business goals.  See more…