Seeking the Hidden Messages for 2015


Sometimes we get so busy with life and trying to get our lives into alignment that we neglect the messages that we should be paying the most attention to.

To get your senses activated, we have embedded several messages just for you into the photo above. See how many you can find. 

During the holiday season, it’s a perfect time for reflection and planning. Take time to reflect on where you have been. Take time to plan what you want to accomplish. Sure, you have done this before but this time, here is a way to do it differently that was taught to me by Joshua Seldman who is CEO of Executive Stamina. When you plan, think about it in short periods of time.

Begin with planning your time off. How you will spend your time off is up to you. If you don’t plan your time, then someone else will. Although I am happy to have most of my holiday time planned for me there are certain things I want to ensure that I do such as getting some rest, eating well, working in my yard, and taking a nice reflective walk each day.

Plan your first few weeks of the year. Build into your time off plan a short period to reflect on your holiday time off and to plan the first weeks of the New Year.

  • How do you want them to look?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • Who do you want to spend your time with, to learn from and to teach?

The answers to these questions will ensure you get 2015 off to a great start.

Plan your first few months. Building into your plan for the first few weeks, time to reflect on how you are spending your first few week of 2015 and to plan your first few months of the year.

Continue the cycle.

What are the messages you have been missing?
Have you found them in the photo above?
How will you find them in your life?

Happy Holidays
from Pris & Ed at Nelson Cohen Consulting

Wishing you a year filled with insight and wisdom.

And a HUGE thanks to all our clients for your ongoing partnership.