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Leadership Traits Insights for Today, Pathway to the Future

The Global Report

By Priscilla Nelson & Ed Cohen

Leadership Traits Insights for Today, Pathway to the Future helps leaders around the world, learning and leadership development professionals; and, coaches and career advisors, to understand leadership similarities and differences globally and across generations, while also learning about other aspects of leading organizations, from resources to managing projects with the use of a pmp boot camp dc to learn to do it effectively. This information about global leadership traits is game-changing for leadership development, assessment formulation, succession planning, global assignments, team building and recruitment. The research, sponsored by CoachLogix, Cognician, Concensus, eLearning Mind, Executive Core, and Herrmann International is comprised of responses from 2800 business professionals from 122 countries who responded to the Traits of Most Admired Leaders survey with questions about the traits they think leaders need to demonstrate to be successful today and in the future. The focus on place of birth versus place of residence reveals key indicators that make an impact on leaders and followers alike, which is invaluable whether you are engaged in executive talent management, managing global teams, relocating to another country, or leading across generations.

Endorsed by ACEC (Association of Corporate Executive Coaches)

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