book coversAfter an amazing launch at the ATD Conference in Orlando where Pris and Ed spoke and signed books, LEADERSHIP TRAITS: Insights for Today, Pathway to the Future is now available.

This book is GAME CHANGING for leaders around the world, learning and leadership development professionals; and, coaches and career advisors, who want to finally understand the true leadership similarities and differences globally and across generations.

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The research, led by Nelson Cohen Global Consulting and sponsored by CoachLogix, Cognician, Concensus, eLearning Mind, Executive Core, and Herrmann International is comprised of responses from 2800 business professionals from 122 countries who responded to the Traits of Most Admired Leaders survey with questions about the traits they think leaders need to demonstrate to be successful today and in the future. The traits list came from The Leadership Challenge workshop. The workshop supports The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations Fifth Edition by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner. The focus on place of birth versus place of residence reveals key indicators that make an impact on leaders and followers alike, which is invaluable whether you are engaged in executive talent management, managing global teams, relocating to another country, or leading across generations.

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Throughout the book you will find articles from future and current leaders from around the world including some of the most well known in the learning and development profession – Tony Bingham, Beverly Kay, Ann Herrmann Nedhi, and Antonio Rubio.

  • Tony Bingham, ATD: Changing the Way We Think about Leadership Development
  • Ibanga Umanah, JUMP Associates: How “not knowing” Will Get You Where You Want to Go
  • Mike Pino, GE Crotonville: Mindful Gaps
  • Anil Santhapuri, Western Union: The Alchemy of Leadership Traits for the Future
  • Hilary Wild, Leadership 21st Century Style
  • Beverly Kaye, Best Selling Author: Development-Minded Leadership
  • Simon Casuto, eLearning Mind: Global Leadership: What Cultural and Generational Gaps Mean for Leaders
  • Ego Onwuka, Millennial View of Leadership Traits
  • Joshua Craver, Western Union: View from Around the World
  • Andriy Petrushkevych, WMelon Global Ukraine: Imagination and Intelligence to Inspire Results
  • Tamar Elkeles, Qualcomm: Focus on the Similarities Among Leaders
  • Cihad Ozler, View from Turkey: Factors Affecting Leadership Traits Now and In the Future
  • Chrys Taslis, Greece and the EU – a subtle leadership case
  • Aron Aytona, From Philippines to Canada and Beyond
  • Gautam Bhushan, A Contextual View of Leadership Traits in India
  • Michael Leeman, Cognician: Can You Self-Coach To Global Leadership Competence?
  • Marcelo Ferraz, View from a Brazilian working in China
  • Inigo Sanchez, Influence of Individual and Collective Cultures
  • Ann Herrmann, Best Selling Author, Herrmann International: Thinking Agility: The New Global Leadership Necessity
  • JF Goldstyn, Minding the Gaffe!
  • Antonio Rubio, Overlap Consulting: Implementing Leadership Traits in Corporate Universities
  • Scott Millward, Farmers Insurance: No Formula for Leadership Development
  • Michael Rosenthal, Consensus: Leveraging Traits Negotiate and Address Interpersonal Differences

Meet our sponsors:  CoachLogix, Cognician, Consensus, eLearning Minds, Executive Core, Herrmann International