So here’s what we know about you. You are either a leader yourself or you work with leaders and teams every day. The bottom line is, the game of business has changed locally and globally and you need to know WHAT’S CHANGING and WHAT TO DO to ensure your success. In May we published Leadership Traits Insights for Today, Pathway to the Future, a 200+ page full-color book that examines leadership across generations, regions and 13 major countries.

Check out the preview video for the book:

On October 29th, we are proudly launching the Kindle version, a complete FULL COLOR replica of the print book, for the special price of $1.99 ~ the Kindle version will be priced at $9.99 after this special launch is over. This is a must-have resource and the price is right!

We are doing this because we want to share the outcome of this study with as many people as possible.  The leadership landscape is changing.  Those who neglect to pay attention will be left behind. We’ve been hard at work assisting professionals around the world in understanding the similarities and differences in behaviors based upon age and culture. Tony Bingham, President and CEO of ATD, the largest professional association for learning professionals in the world, states, “Nelson and Cohen’s research shows there are important differences related to generations, cultures and regions.”

We’re sure that Leadership Traits  and the union with Strategic Solutions Research marketing company will help you in leadership development, succession planning, mentoring, career planning, team building, recruitment, sales and just plain getting ahead or doing a great job whatever your role.

Please make a note to grab your copy of Leadership Traits to read on your device of choice ~ you can download the FREE Kindle app for all Apple and Android devices or your MAC or PC.  If you could pick up your copy between 9 and noon Eastern that would be great, but any time on the 29th is fine, too. We will send you the link in a reminder email early on the 29th.

Let’s go change the world!

In gratitude,
Ed & Pris