Leadership Without Borders

Successful Strategies from World Class Leaders

Business leaders in today’s borderless global marketplace face unprecedented challenges. The emergence of the knowledge economy has demanded that business leaders become global leaders. Successful global leaders are those with strategies for guiding and empowering a diversified workforce operating in different countries, cultures, and time zones so that they can maximize the return from trading in a worldwide market with distinct local needs. This is critical for leaders and requires blending cultural definitions of leadership with multiple geographic influences.

Leadership Without Borders poses the question: What advice do successful global leaders have for future and current global leaders?

Part 1 distills the practical insights provided by a large number of global business leaders into five key areas:
1. The personal characteristics required to ensure success as a global leader.
2. The business acumen needed to thrive as a global leader
3. Methods for expanding global awareness – or “worldview”
4. The people leadership skills and attributes needed to succeed in any environment
5. Business leadership skills and attributes that will enhance global leadership ability

You will find in this first part of the book practical suggestions for ensuring that your own personal characteristics, business acumen, worldview, people leadership skills, and business leadership skills set you apart from others and equip you for leadership in the new borderless marketplace. Each chapter ends with a summary of the global leadership viewpoints presented, to assist you in building your own checklist of global leadership knowledge, skills, and behaviors that you can start to use right away.

Part 2 explores in detail successful strategies carried out by the exceptional global leaders of eight world-class organizations.

Leadership Without Borders goes beyond theories of management to provide a solid foundation of practical and detailed guidelines and insights from those leaders who have lived and worked in more than 60 different countries and who are already at the cutting edge in today’s borderless business environment.

Contributing Authors

Dr. Mukesh Aghi,
CEO, Universitas 21 Global

B. Ramalinga Raju,
Founder and Chairman, Satyam Computer Services Limited

V. Shankar,
Global Head, Corporate Finance, Standard Chartered Bank

Ralph W. Shrader,
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Booz Allen Hamilton

Geoff Taylor,
Director of Risk Management, Nike Europe, Middle East & Africa Region; Nike, Inc.

Antonio Aleman,
Business Unit Managing Director, Vodafone Spain, Vodafone Group

Marjan Bolmeijer,
CEO, Change Leaders, Inc.

Frank-Jurgen Richter,
President, Horasis.

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