Riding the Tiger

Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times

Leadership and the ability to influence change can convert turbulence into an opportunity for success. Though most leadership books are written from the viewpoint of lessons on the path to great success, Riding the Tiger provides a rare opportunity to learn from a catastrophic event that shook the foundation of a thriving global organization. This book gives you a specific, step-by-step approach to take that tiger by the tail and benefit from the challenges of leading during chaotic times. You’ll discover many innovative leadership techniques as you read the fascinating, powerful stories about people who’ve implemented these tools. These experiences and techniques are universally applicable wherever people in an organization are facing turbulence-whether caused by the global recession, rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions, internal corruption, or any other changes.

In 2009, the authors, Priscilla Nelson and Ed Cohen, were flourishing as senior leaders at India’s fourth largest IT services firm, Satyam Computer Services, a 53,000 person company with presence in 60 countries. It all came to a startling halt when the CEO confessed to “cooking the books” and the company became known as “India’s Enron.” Based on strategies, many of which they implemented during this crisis, Riding the Tiger provides outstanding leadership techniques steering the way to organizational renewal.