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Through his teachings, mentoring and coaching, Ed Cohen transforms individuals and companies. I know, because it happened to me and many leaders around me when we were taught and coached by him. Those who have the opportunity to learn from Ed are inspired by his holistic approach to leadership and awe-inspired by his energy and enthusiasm.
Anil Santhapuri

Regional Manager, Talent Manager APAC, Western Union

We have had the pleasure of engaging Nelson Cohen Consulting for many years. They consistently provide valuable and thought provoking leadership development for my team. My management team was intellectually enriched and we saw within a short period, a transformative leadership style emanating from our leaders.


Mukesh Aghi

CEO, Larson & Toubro Infotech

The BEST TEAM EVER process was so helpful. I had no idea what impact it would have until we did it. Having faith, we went through the process, and literally the day after we completed our team agreement, each of us were referring to it. The level of depth we were able to get to with our team after the BEST TEAM EVER process is incomparable to the depth we had before. I highly recommend this process for any team committed to being high-performing.

Raj Lahoti


I have always been impressed with their ability to step into any situation or challenge and immediately engage – building relationships, providing leadership and achieving solid results. Pris and Ed are models and mentors who see potential in others that they may not yet see in themselves.

Ann Herrmann

CEO, Herrmann International

I have had the pleasure of working with Pris Nelson for several years. She is a values driven and results oriented coach and consultant who aligns to her clients’ goals, helping them achieve results. Driven professionals that are looking for an internationally seasoned coach and consultant with a proven track record of helping clients succeed will benefit from working with Pris Nelson.

Joshua Craver

Talent Management, Western Union

Ed and Pris have a unique ability to build world-class teams and what’s phenomenal is their ability to weave-in a delicate fabric of human values and commitments into the functioning of the team. The BEST TEAM EVER process and Team Agreement that they coached us to create when I was a part of their team almost half a decade ago still continues to be a reference guide for me before I initiate any team building efforts.

Kamesh Kompella

APAC Lead for Talent Development, Paypal